Trip to Taiwan: Wu Fen Pu Shopping Market + Raohe Night Market

This summer started off with a short 4 night trip to Taiwan with two of my friends! We had the pleasure of going on Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Airplane.  Though I’m not much of a Hello Kitty fan, it was definitely a nice surprise and I really appreciate how everything (even the disposal bag) was decorated so cutely.

Since we arrived in the late afternoon, we decided to do a little shopping and have dinner at a night market. Since we all appreciate cute, cheap clothes, we headed to Songshan Station and walked just a few minutes to Wufenpu.

Wufenpu is basically a big outdoor wholesale garment outlet, with hundreds of little shops selling all sorts of clothes, accessories, and bags.

Most of the stores have lots of their items folded in boxes or bags on the floor, which you’re free to look through.
There are constantly motorcycles driving through the narrow streets, so keep an eye out as you’re shopping!

All of the items I bought were about $5-10 USD. Of course, the quality reflects the low prices, but I was pretty satisfied with all of my purchases! We spent a while there, and ended up returning a different day to do some last-minute shopping. If you’re looking for nicer clothes or brand names, this definitely isn’t the place. However, if you’re looking for some cute, affordable clothes, I would definitely recommend spending an hour or two shopping through the maze of shops!

For dinner, we walked just about five minutes from Wufenpu to the other side of the station to Raohe Night Market. Throughout our trip, we actually ate street food at night markets more often than going to actual restaurants haha.

It’s basically two narrow long rows full of delicious street food and little shops.

I loved seeing all of the food being made right in front of you, and while I wish I had a hole for a stomach so that I could eat everything they had, we did our best to choose a few that we thought looked best.


Beef noodles and deer meat rice.
Fried dumplings.
Fried dumplings.
Kimchi pork coffin toast.
Kimchi pork coffin toast.
Douhua (豆花) with red bean, boba, and taro.

Everything was so delicious and of course, cheap!

We also went to Shilin Night Market, another very popular spot, but we preferred Raohe and went a second time on our last night. Compared to Shilin which had a lot of shopping, we felt that Raohe might have had more food, and it was all in a more concentrated space. (Both were really fun though, so do try to go to multiple if you have the chance!)

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