Fancy Ice Cream Cakes in Omotesando

Recently I feel like I’ve been going to Omotesando every week, for one reason or another. It’s a really nice place to go for a less crowded, slightly classier feeling compared to Harajuku. I personally like the various cafes there, and one that I’ve found recently is an ice cream cake cafe called Glaciel. When I think of ice cream cake, I imagine a huge rectangular cake with some cartoon character drawn with frosting at a child’s birthday party. Glaciel, on the other hand, has some of the prettiest ice cream cakes I’ve ever seen.

Downstairs, they have a shop where you can order cake to take home and also try their gelato.

Outdoor sitting area.

The two times I’ve gone, I went to the sitting area upstairs. They have a variety of cakes, but the menu that you can order from changes every day. They put an orange sticker on the ones available for that day, and those are your options. I wish I could have ordered some of the ones that weren’t available that day, but I guess that’s their tactic to bring you back haha ^^; worked on me..

They have an option to order two different pieces of cake for ¥1,200. Although it may be a but pricey, I think it’s worth it for some  yummy ice cream cake (which I’ve never seen elsewhere in Tokyo) and of course, the photos. Not only are these delicious, but the designs are amazing. You can see the whole cake in a bigger size downstairs at the shop showcase.
I first ordered the “Mango Passion,” which is a tart with frozen mango and passion fruit on coconut ice cream. I’ve been super into mango recently, so this was a really refreshing summer treat. The second piece I chose was the “Caramel Chocolat”, which as you can tell by its name, is a caramel chocolate cake on a shortbread crust with Hokkaido butter. There was also vanilla ice cream concealed in the center of the cake!

The second time I went, I decided to order the Petal de Rouge, which is a gorgeous combination of tayberry and earl gray, and it had a wonderful rose aroma.  I also chose the classic tiramisu, but of course, in ice cream cake form.

And both times that I went, my friends ordered the Herrison, which is actually one of the individual cakes.

It’s an adorable chocolate hedgehog cake, made up of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sorbet, and almond-chocolate dough.

It’s definitely already become one of my favorite nearby cafes to go to, tucked into a small street in Omotesando. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is nice. I’m looking forward to trying the other cakes on my future trips! (Aiming for that lego cake..)




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